Company Owner Faces Possible Jail Time After Several OSHA Violations

OSHA cited a construction company 11 times at 11 different work sites in Maine. Stephen Lessard, owner of Lessard Roofing & Siding and Lessard Brothers Construction, has not corrected any of the OSHA violations that occurred between 2000 and 2011.

The court of appeals has filed a judgment against Lessard in civil contempt and is requesting proof of correction for cited hazards and pay over $400,000 in fines, plus interest. All this is to be done within 20 days. If these actions are not taken, additional sanctions can be taken by the court, which could lead to imprisonment.

As a business owner, you are obligated to provide a safe workplace environment. OSHA violations and citations are certainly not fun, but they do happen. If your company is cited, don’t ignore the issue. Here’s what to do if you receive an OSHA citation:

2. Post the citation in a visible area near each violation area. The posting must stay up for 3 working days or until the hazards are addressed (whichever is longer).
3. You can request an informal conference to present evidence or views that would support an adjustment to the citation or penalties. The meeting must take place within 15 business days.
4. You have the right to contest the citations and/or penalties within 15 business days of the issuance of the citation.
5. Correct the violation within the allotted timeframe and provide proof to the US Department of Labor Area Office.
6. Pay the penalty.

As a good practice, you should become familiar with OSHA regulations and conduct internal audits on a regular basis. Not sure what to look for? SRP Environmental can assist in performing Safety Audits on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and develop corrective action procedures. We are also qualified to act as a representative for your company during an OSHA Inspection.

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