Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical Services

From preliminary site evaluation through site layout, construction and finish, SRP offers the necessary expertise to complete your developmental projects. Our geotechnical engineering staff possess diverse expertise providing quality, state of the practice geotechnical engineering services on a broad range of projects.

We are involved at all stages of project development. Typical projects range from preliminary geotechnical and geologic hazard studies through design and construction phase services and include post-construction forensic investigations. We provide a full range of geotechnical services on virtually all types of civil engineering projects.

Geotechnical engineering studies performed consist of site subsurface exploration, laboratory testing, engineering analysis and report preparation. We offer drilling capabilities including dynamic cone Penetrometer and Geoprobe services. Geotechnical engineering tests such as moisture content, density, classification, Atterberg limits, gradations, proctors and swell-consolidation are performed in our in-house laboratory.

Laboratory testing is performed in accordance with applicable procedures by ATSM, AASHTO, ACI, Corps of Engineers and other recognized agencies. Our geotechnical engineering study reports include field and laboratory test results, the results of engineering analyses, and conclusion and recommendations based upon theory and state of the practice technology, linked with practical and economic considerations of design and construction.

After the report is prepared, our services frequently include geotechnical review of plans and specifications and consultation during construction.

Geotechnical Services List

We specialize in construction materials testing, employing advanced techniques to assess the quality and durability of materials used in your project. Our expert team conducts thorough examinations of soil, concrete, asphalt, and other construction materials, providing detailed insights that contribute to the success and longevity of your structures.