Beyond the Storm: Chad Hyman, CEO of SRP Environmental, Presents Breakthrough Infection Control Methodologies To Be Used in Healthcare Facilities Post-Natural Disaster

SRP Environmental (SRP), a leading environmental, health and safety consulting company, is pleased to announce that CEO Chad Hyman will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Texas Healthcare Association Leadership Retreat, scheduled for June 17-19. Hyman’s presentation, titled “Infection Prevention and Control: Post-Natural Disaster,” will offer critical insights into managing health risks in the aftermath of catastrophic events.

With extensive experience in the field of industrial hygiene, Hyman will share practical strategies for healthcare professionals and industry stakeholders to navigate the challenges posed by natural disasters. His presentation will focus on assessing damage, coordinating logistics, and implementing effective infection prevention measures to safeguard public health.

A key highlight of Hyman’s presentation will be the exploration of alternative methodologies for categorizing water impact and assessing health risks accurately. By challenging existing approaches and proposing innovative solutions, Hyman aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to address post-disaster health challenges effectively.

For media inquiries or interview requests with Chad Hyman, please contact Katy Whittington at katy@srpenvironmental.net


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As an established speaker at specialized conferences, Chad brings academic expertise and a commitment to sharing best practices in industrial hygiene, endorsing a workplace health and safety culture across diverse sectors. 

With over two decades of experience, Mr. Hyman provides direct support to public, private, and governmental sectors. Assisting both clients and regulatory entities with complex and sometimes investigative concerns, Mr. Hyman has been on the leading edge of numerous emerging issues and is considered as a subject matter expert for various types of operational exposures.  Mr. Hyman has spent the last decade leveraging both his operational knowledge and formal education to perform research, author/publish case studies, and provide cost efficient and effective controls for exposures.

Throughout his career, Mr. Hyman advanced through roles of increasing responsibility within multiple organizations.  Utilizing his technical capabilities and proven leadership to foster professional growth and education opportunities amongst his team, Mr. Hyman accepted the role of chief executive officer in 2022.