WEBINAR: OSHA 300 Reporting Made Easy with Incident Track

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OSHA requires you to complete OSHA’s injury and illness record keeping forms, if you have 10 or more employees.  Also, OSHA requires that the OSHA 300A form be posted from February 1 to April 30.  The form must be posted in a public work area, like a break room, near the time clock or near the employee lockers.  If you do not comply, you may be subject to a citation and a fine.

Attending this webinar will help you understand OSHA’s posting requirements and how to utilize Incident Track to complete and post OSHA 300 logs. This overview will be delivered by our certified safety and health experts.

Not sure what Incident Track is?  Through our Risk Management Center platform, employers have access to safety training documents and implement a proactive approach to risk management. Incident Track helps you keep all documentation for incidents and OSHA logs in one place.  Plus, keep track of Certificate of Insurance, update employee training records, maintain safety data sheets, OSHA forms, incident forms and implement behavior-based safety.

Available Dates:
February 8, 3:00 PM CT
March 7, 11:00 AM CT