WEBINAR: Implement a Fall Protection & Prevention Plan

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Here’s two alarming facts for you.  1) Over 150 workers are killed due to falls at construction sites.  2) Over 100,000 are injured because of falls at construction sites.

Because of this, fall protection and prevention plans are crucial for workplace safety.

Employers and employees need to know how to:

  • Select fall protection systems appropriate for given situations
  • Install safety systems properly
  • Supervise employees properly
  • Use safe work procedures
  • Train workers in the proper selection, use, and maintenance of all protection systems


fall protection

This webinar is only an overview of a fall protection program and highlights key elements related to the topic.  For a comprehensive training course or safety program, contact SRP Environmental at (318 ) 222-2364.

Available Dates
May 26, 11:00 AM CT

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