Water Damage Cleanup a Major Factor for Catastrophe Response

Most Catastrophe Response Teams are specifically trained to mitigate risk and reduce liability in healthcare facilities following a fire, wind or water loss. Lately, companies are focusing more and more on water damage cleanup as external environmental factors increase.

SRP Environmental offers environmental consultant services in large losses of every nature, including water damage. SRP’s National Catastrophe Response Team responds around-the-clock for insurance adjustors, restoration companies and commercial/government clients regularly. SRP works with adjustors, restoration project managers, and client representatives to develop a site-specific and insurance-approved scope of work which addresses affected building materials, contents and employee exposures in an effort to minimize loss of business, owner liabilities and the overall financial impact of the loss.
SRP Environmental, LLC has extensive experience working with insurance providers, restoration contractors, and independent clients completing water damage cleanup and assessments and developing scopes of work/protocols for mitigation and restoration. SRP’s Catastrophe Response Team is always on call to mobilize to any water-related loss.

SRP’s environmental consultants work with the client at the onset of a water-related loss to identify the category of water, determine the affected areas/materials, and identify potential health and safety risks.

SRP works with the restoration contractor to assess affected areas and materials and provides continuous moisture mapping and environmental controls verification services (temperature and relative humidity data-logging in all drying chambers) until the moisture has been extracted/dried from the building materials. In a Category 2 or Category 3 loss, SRP Environmental LLC assesses the water damage and identifies the potential contaminants and affected building materials in each release.

In the event that written protocols are necessary, SRP Environmental rapidly produces a workable Scope of Work with technical specifications identifying materials to be removed, cleaning procedures for contents, personal protection for restoration workers, infection control techniques (ICRA in Hospital/Medical Facilities), etc. During this process, the restoration company, insurance provider, and affected facility are included to ensure that a workable plan of action is achieved and that loss of business is minimized. After the completion of scope items, SRP’s industrial hygienists collect post-restoration samples to verify techniques were successful prior to build-back.

By utilizing SRP Environmental LLC’s services at the onset of a water-related loss, the overall duration of restoration activities is minimized, a clear scope of work with achievable goals is developed and circulated, and final scientific verification of restoration activities is conducted to protect facilities, restoration contractors, and insurance companies involved in each loss. Contact us for water damage cleanup.

By contacting SRP Environmental’s National Catastrophe Response Division at the onset of a large loss, clients, restoration contractors and insurance companies alike can minimize the duration of the event, reduce overall liability and ensure that third-party oversight is achieved. SRP’s large-loss policy is to work with all stakeholders, from the onset of the fire or flood, to reduce confusion, develop an understandable and achievable scope of work, and provides state of the art industrial hygiene services uncommon to the catastrophe industry.