UPS Driver Virtual HD Training Simulator Review



In a recent article from, they discuss the benefits UPS drivers experienced after training on Virtual HD, a virtual training simulator. With a large part of UPS’ delivery fleet driving on the road, in all types of conditions, they wanted to provide driver training in a controlled environment.

“To create this simulation environment, UPS turned to Virtual Driver Interactive (VDI), a company UPS has worked with since 2006. The resulting portable system gives UPS drivers the ability to virtually learn how to handle highly volatile and dangerous driving situations.”

The article goes on to say the training is broken down into “bite-sized chunks with each module focusing on a particular safety issue.” Also, since UPS implemented the virtual driver training, in July of 2013, they’ve seen a 38% decrease in crashes, with 2014 already well below last year’s numbers.

Currently, the training is primarily available in two locations in the U.S., metropolitan New Your City, and Texas. SRP Environmental is one such company that provides the Virtual HD training.

You can read the full article here, and find out more about SRP’s Virtual HD training on our site.