You Should Never Let Underground Storage Tanks Become Out of Compliance.

Nine gas station facilities throughout Alaska, Oregon and Washington were fined over $60,000.  After a random inspection, regulators found that the underground storage tanks (UST) were not in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).  The RCRA allows the EPA to oversee the regulation of hazardous waste and solid waste.    This includes the generation, transportation, treatment, storage and disposal of waste.

Violations included:

  • No yearly fuel-line tests performed.
  • Lack of monitoring the tanks and lines.
  • Shortage of line leak-detector systems.

Keep in mind that all new or replaced tanks and piping must have secondary containment to hold leaks, overfills and spills.  Companies are to be in compliance by April 13.  Other revisions to existing requirements include operator training, UST compatibility with biofuel blends, periodic maintenance requirements, and removing past deferrals for emergency generator tanks, airport hydrant systems, and field-constructed tanks.   Inspectors will be checking up on petroleum and hazardous substance containing USTs.

In fact, according to the EPA, underground storage tanks are the common cause for groundwater contamination and petroleum happens to be the most frequent contaminant.  So make sure you stay up to date with your UST compliance.