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4 Key Things to Do After A Noise Exposure Survey

4 Key Things to Do After A Noise Exposure Survey

One manufacturing facility has used SRP for safety training, safety audits, as well as environmental air permitting. However, one concern was the lack of follow through in implementing the safety precautions taught in class.

One topic in particular was noise conservation and noise exposure. SRP conducted noise conservation and awareness safety training, which led to employee noise exposure monitoring inside their manufacturing facility.  According to OSHA, 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work each year. Last year, U.S. business paid more than $1.5 million in penalties for not protecting workers from noise.

Four Things To Do After a Noise Exposure Survey

  1. Notify Employees of the Noise Levels.  Let employees know if areas are above 85 decibels.  Post signage in noisy areas so employees know when to wear hearing protection.
  2. Require Employees to Wear Hearing Protection. Types of hearing protection include disposable foam earplugs, molded earplugs, and earmuffs.  Remember, if you require hearing protection, employees MUST be properly trained.
  3. Hearing ProtectionFollow Recommendations. Always consider the recommendations from the safety consultant who conducted the noise survey.   Engineering and Administrative controls should be implemented to reduce employee exposure to noise.  Recommendations may include replacing noisy equipment components, creating sound barriers, placing equipment on resilient pads, or requiring rotating work shifts.
  4. Train Employees In Noise & Hearing Conservation.  Employees should understand the effects of noise; the purpose, advantages, and disadvantages of various types of hearing protectors; the selection, fit, and care of protectors; and the purpose and procedures of audiometric testing.  Safety training should be conducted at new hire orientation and as part of annual refresher training.

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