Tenacity makes them hot – The Zweig Letter Interviews CEO Keith Sampson

keithRepeat Hot Firm winner provides superior service, has a passionate team and doesn’t allow failure.


As Keith Sampson will tell you, running a Hot Firm is challenging. Schedules are irregular; raising a family is difficult.


But Sampson, CEO of SRP Environmental LLC (Shreveport, LA), a 25-person full service environmental consulting, health and safety consulting, environmental services, and health and safety training through our network of offices in North America and the Pacific, is a calculated risk-taker who says that failure is not an option.


After making an initial appearance in The Zweig Letter Hot Firm List in 2011, at No. 124, SRP Environmental is again among the 100 fastest growing firms in 2012. Not bad for a firm founded only in 1996.


In the following interview, Sampson shares his thoughts on several topics.


The Zweig Letter : What does it mean to be a Hot Firm?
Keith Sampson: The Hot Firm designation is a testament to our firm’s tenacity and resiliency, especially in light of the difficult economy that the nation has weathered over the last three years.


TZL: How did you get where you are today?
KS: The key to our success has been to consistently provide superior service to our clients by creating a qualified team that is passionate about what they do. A firm is only as good as its people.


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