SRP’s Keith Sampson Interviewed for Exclusive Mid-Year CEO Outlook

Recently, SRP’s CEO, Keith Sampson, was interviewed by Steve Gido, of Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners, a consulting firm for the architecture, engineering and environmental industry. Sampson was one of six CEOs interviewed as part of their annual Mid-Year CEO Outlook.


Here is an excerpt of the interview from their site:
Keith Sampson, President & CEO, SRP Environmental LLC,Shreveport, LA


SRP CEO Keith Sampson, President & CEO, SRP Environmental LLC,Shreveport, LA


How has SRP’s performance fared so far in 2013?keith

SRP Environmental’s revenue growth is ahead of last year on a YTD comparison. We have continued to expand our geographic footprint and are successfully expanding our operations both organically and through acquisition. Our team is committed to providing superior services to our current client base and expanding our service offerings in strategic markets. Additionally, we anticipate that our business plan will provide a solid platform for future growth as demand for Environmental, Health, and Safety services continues to grow in all of our market segments.


In what market or service areas are you seeing promising opportunities for growth?


We continue to see very strong growth opportunities in Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Health Care and Private/Public property development and/or renovation. Our Environmental Compliance and Assessment/Remediation group has been experiencing steady demand for Air Permits, Environmental Audits, Site assessment & Remediation as well NPDES and SPCC compliance. Furthermore, we have experienced rapid growth within our Industrial Hygiene, Safety Training & Safety Consulting sectors. Our Catastrophe Response group has continued to expand its client and geographic base and is currently making preparations to prevent or limit the impact of the upcoming storm season as it relates to client business interruption from hurricanes, floods etc.


You acquired a safety consulting and training firm in Colorado last year. What did that transaction accomplish for SRP?


Our Colorado acquisition accomplished several key objectives critical to future growth and expansion. First, we inherited an incredibly talented and motivated team as Tara and Ivan Steinke had built a very strong client base within the mountain region. The acquisition allowed us to add to our client base and take advantage of cross selling opportunities within the Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Services sector. Secondly, we were able to obtain a strong degree of synergy as our Colorado office is now able to serve all of our existing clients in that area. Having a physical presence in the Rocky Mountain region has enabled us to be more responsive to our clients, increased our resource allocation flexibility and allowed us to capitalize on economic trends across several unique markets.


SRP has made the Inc 5000 and has been growing rapidly while adding new managerial talent, systems, and processes. What’s the key to managing all of that growth effectively?


I believe the most important key to sustaining rapid growth, while maintaining superior quality service is a leader’s ability to surround themselves with talented people that are passionate about what they do. A company can’t grow and adjust to client demands that are fluid and constantly changing without a dynamic team of visionaries. Additionally, leveraging a firm’s strengths and knowing its weakness is also vital to the sustained success of a rapidly growing firm. The most successful firms will be those that disrupt not only the strategic markets they serve but also those that are willing to disrupt their own culture and change in response to client and economic demands.


What are the biggest concerns your clients face today?


Many of our clients are concerned with a rapidly changing regulatory environment that tends to overburden the ability of a business to thrive within its industry. Clients are frustrated with a growing and complex array of regulations that put them at an economic disadvantage and divert their attention away from the primary business focus. That is why SRP Environmental strives to navigate our clients through the regulatory process with effective expediency so that they can focus on growing their business while maintaining compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations.


What’s on your summer reading list?


I tend to read a lot of financial magazines including Fortune Small Business and Inc. Magazine. I am also reading June Jewell’s Find The Lost Dollarsand look forward to the release of John Grisham’s next novel.


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