Solar Powered Systems Produce Green Environmental Remediation Solutions

SRP has the unique opportunity to provide a new way to power equipment used for soil and groundwater remediation.   SRP works with Renogy Solar, a California based company and global supplier of solar panels, to implement cleanup systems that are green and sustainable. This hydrocarbon product recovery system has been used at several underground storage tanks (UST) and fuel piping sites throughout the United States.  Back in 2015, this new system was used to recover gasoline at an abandoned service station following a spill.

Why solar power?  The goal of the new remediation system is to be able to produce the same amount of power needed to utilize the cleanup equipment through the use of renewable resources.  Off the grid solar panels recharge deep cycle lead acid batteries that ultimately power devices, equipment and can even be a back-up source in case of emergencies.

SRP continues to offer this new technology to customers who are looking for a “off the grid” cleanup solution and are conscientious about the environment.