Safety Not Top Of Mind In Construction Industry

Safety Not Top Of Mind In Construction Industry

The National Safety Council (NSC) surveyed 2000 employees across 14 different industries about their perception of safety in the workplace. The results for workers in the construction industry are startling. NSC states that 58% of construction workers feel that safety takes a back seat to productivity and tasks.  In comparison, only 36% of workers throughout all industries surveyed felt this way.   Questions asked were about safety practices and related tasks that take place on the job.   The findings could be used as an indicator for supervisors and managers to be more proactive when it comes to workplace safety.

Other Findings:

  • 51% feel that management does only the minimum required by law to keep employees safe
  • 47% feel that employees are afraid to report safety issues

A culture of safety has to start from top management.  Employees need to see that their supervisors and company owners are proactive and care about employee wellbeing.  Unsafe practices will eventually affect your bottom line and production schedule.   Injured employees may miss days of work, which will lead to longer production times and a higher Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) or Experience Modification Rate (EMR).  Companies with a higher than average TRIR or EMR may not be allowed to perform work for certain clients due to the risk of an employee injury.

What Can Construction Companies Do To Create a Safety Culture?

  • Talk With Employees to Learn About Any Safety Concerns
  • Implement a Company Health & Safety Program
  • Conduct Annual Refresher Training Specific to the Construction Industry
  • Conduct New Hire Orientation to Include Duty Specific, Hands On Training
  • Require Toolbox Meetings Each Morning
  • Schedule Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Talk to a Safety Consultant to Perform a Risk Assessment and Safety Audit of Construction Activities

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