A temporary worker in Texas requested proper fall protection and safety harness while working on a roof. However, the worker was denied fall protection and fell 12 feet through the roof. The worker suffered severe contusions and fractured arms.

In addition to denying proper fall protection and safety equipment, the employer, Cotton Commercial USA, ended up waiting three days before reporting the injury. Federal law mandates that employers have 24 hours to report incidents.

OSHA fined Cotton Commercial for seven violations amounting to $362,500. OSHA also fined the staffing agency, Gardia Construction, for not performing regular inspections of various job sites they send temporary workers to.   Their fine was $4,900.   It is the responsibility of host employers and staffing agencies to work together to maintain a safe work environment.   Responsibilities include providing safety training, adhering to record-keeping requirements and staying up to date with company hazard communications.

What do we think? SRP Environmental believes this incident could have easily been prevented if proper fall protection was made accessible.  Companies and their employees should be held accountable for the well-being of each other. Proper fall protection training and stop work authority training can give employees the tools needed to address potentially dangerous situations and help prevent injuries like the one described above.

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News Release Originally Posted by OSHA.