Recent Roof Damage? Call For an Asbestos Inspection

In addition to floor tiles, joint compound, mastic and insulation, asbestos can be found in roofing materials.   And the roof is the one place most property owners forget about.

It is important for roofing contractors, general contractors, insurance adjusters and property managers to know about asbestos.   Severe storms, rain, hail and wind can cause roof damage, which means the asbestos fibers in the roof could potentially become airborne and cause exposure to workers and building occupants.

Common Roofing Materials Containing Asbestos:

  • Roof Shingles
  • Roof Tiles
  • Patching Compounds & Sealants

Here Are a Four Things to Do When It Comes to Your Asbestos Roof

  1. Find Out the Age of the Roof.  As good rule, any structure built prior to the 1970s may have asbestos containing materials, especially roof shingles and pipe coverings.
  2. Call a State Certified Asbestos Inspector.  Avoid tearing or cutting into asbestos-containing materials. Make sure you know which materials contain asbestos.  Most commercial properties and schools will have an asbestos management plan on file. If not, call an asbestos inspector to prevent employee and occupant exposure.
  3. Call a State Licensed Abatement Contractor. To protect yourself or your client, always have a separate company perform abatement.   It is a conflict of interest if the inspector is part of the same company who removes the asbestos materials. Make sure air monitoring Is being Done During Abatement Activities by a third-party.
  4. Consider Short Term Options.  Ask the professionals if there are short-term alternatives to prevent asbestos exposure.

When in doubt, get the roofing materials tested for asbestos prior to renovation or demolition.  SRP Environmental has a network of asbestos inspectors in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas. Call SRP at (866) 222-4972 or by email.