Oil and Gas Safety is Critical to Success

Talk to any manager of an oilfield-related company or visit their website and you will encounter one common thread every time – safety is paramount to success. The fact is that maintaining effective oil and gas safety measures and procedures is more important than ever before in this industry. That’s because accidents not only take a tragic toll in loss of lives and damage to the environment – they can also seriously harm a company’s reputation, stability and ability to continue growing and prospering.

When you consider the vital role that safety plays in your company’s success, it becomes obvious that the smartest course of action is to create the best, most effective safety program possible – which is best achieved by bringing in proven experts in health, safety and environmental consultation.

When searching for a company that specializes in oil and gas safety, you’ll find that your options are virtually endless – there are an overwhelming number of such companies worldwide. The wise decision is to choose an experienced company with proven expertise in all major areas of environmental, safety, health and regulatory compliance consultation and services – such as SRP Environmental. SRP has earned a reputation as industry leaders in virtually every area of health, safety and environmental services – and works closely with each of their clients to ensure that every phase of their HSE needs are addressed conveniently and cost-effectively.

When considering potential companies to help improve your HSE program, it is also vital that you choose one that offers a full range of services and expertise specific to oil and gas safety. After all, a company that is focused on safety services is more likely to have the capabilities and resources to not only meet your needs, but also recommend new and better ways to improve safety procedures and standards specific to your industry. Depending upon the exact needs of your company, you may want to choose a provider that offers the following services:

  • Environmental Health and Safety Training
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Environmental Consulting

Environmental Health and Safety Training
This is perhaps the single most important factor that affects oil and gas safety. Proper safety training is the most effective way to prevent accidents, injuries and environmental incidents. A top quality safety consulting company will offer training in areas including Fire Protection, First Aid/CPR, Heat Stress, Respiratory Protection, NORM Training, Storm Water Pollution Prevention and Spill Prevention, just to name a few.

Industrial Hygiene
This service is vital in monitoring exposure to dangerous chemicals as well as identifying potential worksite problems and eliminating hazards. From respiratory protection to emissions monitoring and providing proper personal protective equipment – industrial hygiene measures are the ideal way to protect employees.

Environmental Consulting
From emergency action plans to fire protection, construction safety, OSHA compliance audits, risk management plans and much more – a top quality environmental consulting company can provide you with comprehensive solutions.

The bottom line is that to properly protect the health and safety of your employees – and your business – you must choose a reliable company that offers experience, expertise and comprehensive services in the specialized field of oil and gas safety, like SRP Environmental.