Obtaining NPDES Storm Water Plans and Permits

Any private, industrial or governmental entity that is regulated under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) must obtain the proper permits for storm water discharge and pollution prevention. These permits are required under the federal Clean Water Act and apply to all facilities that discharge storm water or wastewater directly from a source (such as a pipe, ditch or channel) into United States waters such as rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.


In order to ensure compliance with NPDES regulations, your facility should acquire the services of a company that specializes in storm water plans and permits. While there are numerous companies throughout the United States that offer these services, it is important to choose a company that has experience and expertise in this highly specialized area – such as SRP Environmental. When it comes to storm water plans and permits, SRP has earned an outstanding reputation for providing timely, cost-effective solutions to ensure permit compliance, as well as providing pollution prevention plans, facility inspections, employee training and more. In addition, SRP Environmental employs a team of highly skilled environmental consultants who possess first-hand knowledge and experience regarding NPDES regulations and compliance requirements.


When considering which company can best assist you with storm water plans and permits, it is important to make sure that they have expertise in the exact type of wastewater or storm water that your particular facility handles. Discharge permits are required for a variety of facilities and applications including construction storm water, general multi-sector industrial storm water (based on the facility’s Standard Industrial Classification code or SIC), industrial waste water, discharge from equipment or truck washing operations and various other types of water discharges.


In addition, the best companies will also be able to assist your facility with obtaining federal, state and local industrial permits – while also providing related services such as storm water pollution prevention training, compliance inspections, discharge monitoring reports, storm water site diagrams and other specialized services.


Other factors you should consider when choosing a company to provide storm water plans and permits include the level of overall experience in environmental compliance, safety record, commitment to customer service and overall reputation. An easy way to gather this type of information is to visit a company’s website. The highest quality companies will provide information about their mission, principles and business philosophy. Key indicators to look for include:


· Superior quality throughout all services

· Upholding high professional and ethical standards

· Building long-term relationships with customers

· Focus on problem-solving and cost-effective solutions


It is also important to consider that meeting the requirements for NPDES storm water discharge and pollution prevention permits is only part of the equation. In order for your business to achieve its potential for long-term growth and success, your company should strive to meet or exceed environmental hygiene service standards as they relate to minimizing industrial impacts on all natural resources – from water to land, air and the entire ecosystem. The most effective way to achieve this is to find a company that is a proven leader in all areas of environmental consulting and services.


SRP’s environmental consultants specialize in NPDES Storm Water Permit services to private, industrial, and governmental entities with timely, cost-effective solutions for storm water plans and permits.