Lack of PPE & Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals Is a Bad Combination

Heritage Thermal Services, a hazardous waste facility, in Ohio is in serious trouble.  One of their workers did not have on proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when he was handling toxic chemicals.  During an investigation, OSHA discovered that there were no safeguards in place while workers were handling hazardous waste.  Workers are required to pump waste from drums into an outdoor kiln.   Additionally, over-exposure to aniline caused three workers to become ill back in 2012.   Aniline is known to cause headaches, weakness, skin lesions and even cancer.

Heritage Thermal Services owes over $50,000 in fines due to the following violations:

  • Failure to monitor the work areas
  • Failure to evaluate the effectiveness of the respirators
  • Failure to require decontamination procedures
  • Failure to provide adequate PPE and enforce employees to wear PPE

PPE can significantly reduce risk of injuries to the lungs, eyes, head and feet, skin and the whole body.  Depending on the tasks of the employees, they may be required to wear a respirator, protection googles, steel toe boots, hazmat suits, etc.  Employees should always have access to proper PPE and they should be trained on how to use the PPE.

Watch and see what happens when employees (the gummy bears) come in contact with hazardous chemicals.