Know These 4 Common Environmental Issues

Environmen management can easily become an oversight as businesses expand and as management responsibilities are shifted.  Non-industrial and commercial facilities may not be aware of these issues because their primary line of business does not require an environmental manager.

For example, an retail product wholesaler with a fleet of commercial vehicles may not be aware of stormwater runoff concerns.  Or a professional services company may not know to obtain an environmental site assessment for their new office building; or to have an asbestos inspection prior to renovating their new office.

Here Are Four Key Environmental Issues That All Business Owners Should Know.

  1. Buying and Selling of Property. Environmental issues are the buyers responsibility under state property transfer laws.  That is why it is important to obtain a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to determine if there is any soil contamination or groundwater contamination on a property you wish to purchase.
  2. Underground Storage Tanks. Make it a habit to inspect UST’s for leaks.  Identify all tanks that contain heating oil, diesel fuel, chemical waste, etc.
  3. Older Office Building With Asbestos and LeadBuilding Renovations. Asbestos containing materials and lead-based paint is common in older buildings.  Before renovating, always contact a certified asbestos and lead inspector.  They are able to assess building materials that are prone to have asbestos such as tile, mastic, and dry wall materials.
  4. Stormwater. Large impervious parking surfaces may require a permit.  There are a number of runoff controls facilities can use to reduce liability.  Common controls include grassy swales, berms and retention ponds.  Renovating on an acre or larger?  Remember to treat stormwater runoff.

Source: Environmental Compliance Alert, October 2, 2017, Vol 25, Issue 567

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