ISNetworld Compliance

pec provider logoPrintThere are many different companies that offer “cookie cutter” programs that will pass this verification process, but at SRP Environmental we have an experienced safety staff that will not only offer Company Specific Programs but will also perform the training that is required for the implementation of these programs. Our experienced staff has been trained and qualified in working with ISNetworld® Compliance, PEC Premier and other related online organizations. We can assist your company in the process of:

  • Setting up your account
  • Creating safety programs
  • ISNetworld Compliance
  • Writing safety manuals
  • Performing the required training
  • Creating/uploading OSHA 300/300A Logs and Employee Modification Rates, AND
  • Talking with your insurance broker for required Certificates of Insurance

In short, SRP Environmental will get your account to its highest standard possible,and help free up your time so you and your company can keep performing the job it was intended for.

What Is ISNetworld® and PEC Premiere?

In today’s time of information, there are many “third party verifiers” such as ISNetworld® and PEC Premiere which help minimize the hassle of the “pre-selection” process for owner/clients by ensuring contractors possess required safety programs as well as safety training before any work actually begins. During this selection process, contractors are required to upload existing/new safety programs onto a website database and these programs are then given a grade according to a predetermined questionnaire, which is filled out by the contractor during this process.

The third party verifier will then administer a grade ranging from 0-100% depending on how accurately the program has identified OSHA required categories. After the completion of this process, the verifier will then require that adequate documentation be shown as to the training performed for the specified topics; this is where SRP Environmental steps ahead of the competition.