Increased Fatalities for Mowers & Tree Cutters Cause Regulators to Enforce Protection Standards

Even though we work closely with oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and agricultural companies, we have found that the landscape industry has its share of safety concerns. We have worked with landscape companies who provide services to Department of Transportation and commercial properties. Their common safety concerns include PPE, heat stress, noise conservation and mobile equipment rollovers.

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Mower SafetyIn fact, mower and equipment rollovers have accounted for three fatalities within the last month. OSHA Acting Regional Director of Public Affairs, Juan Rodriguez, stated that rollovers are a common hazard for mower operations and that the fatality incidents are under investigation. OSHA regulators are stepping up and looking to improve safety compliance for the landscaping industry, especially in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Eight deaths relating to mowing equipment were recorded in those four states over the last year.

OSHA recommends that employers implement the following safety policies:

  • Install guards, seat belts and rollover protective systems on mowers
  • Provide proper training to identify obstacles like rocks or hidden drop-offs
  • Train workers on steering and speed control
  • Train workers on potential rollover hazards and how to avoid them
  • Provide PPE including but not limited to safety glasses, work boots, hearing protection, head protection and safety vests.

SRP Safety Trainers also recommends that workers in the landscaping industry receive training on hazard communication, hand safety, tool safety, lock out/tag out, first aid and noise/hearing conservation.  SRP has three convenient locations that service the Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma area.