How to Master ISNetworld Application or Compliance

For small businesses that need contractors and suppliers, the administrative process of collecting and compiling the information of potential candidates can be time-consuming and even overwhelming. Several companies exist that perform third-party verification of contractors and suppliers, mastering the lengthy administrative process and offering their databases to businesses for cost-effective fees.




The largest U.S. third-party verifier is ISNetworld, a global resource for connecting hiring clients with safe and reliable contractors. Potential candidates to ISNetworld’s system must submit information concerning their safety training and processes, environmental information, insurance, and regulatory and quality compliance information.


Once candidates are accepted into this system, hiring clients have access to their information which they can then review in order to select the perfect match for their needs. This service reduces administrative costs for businesses as well as offering ease to contractors and suppliers who need only to apply with a single place, ISNetworld.


According to their website, the third-party qualifiers offer a variety of benefits:


“ISNetworld’s functionality gives Hiring Clients the ability to measure key performance metrics while promoting transparency, clear communication and sustainable operations. By identifying contractors who meet both client-specific and regulatory standards, Hiring Clients are able to drive sustainable performance improvements while lowering costs and strengthening relationships with their contractors.”


Additionally, the service helps hiring clients build lasting partnerships with contractors, improve and grow their business, and build effective teams. For more information on the advantages of qualifying with ISNetworld, view their benefits page.


PEC Premier


Another third-party verifier, PEC Safety is a skills and safety training organization specific to the oil and gas industry. The PEC Premiercontractor management program is a qualification system for oil and gas professional of over 18,000 companies.


Like ISNetworld, PEC Premier lifts a substantial amount of administrative work off the hands of businesses large and small. They maintain and update safety training and documentation for oil and gas professionals.


In order to be qualify to be added to their database a Standardized Safety Questionnaire must be completed along with the uploading documents including “HSEManual, Safework Plan, Mechanical Integrity Plan, OSHA Logs, EMR documentation, Insurance Certificates, as well as any operator specific documents needed.”


PEC Premier is also linked to standard oil and gas safety training institutes SafeGulf, SafeLandUSA, and SafePipeline which further streamlines documentation for industry professionals.


SRP Expertise


Qualifying with ISNetworld and PEC Premier and scoring high with all their compliance categories can be tricky though. That’s where SRP Environmental enters the picture. Experts at SRP can aid in:


  1. Setting up accounts
  2. Performing required training
  3. Obtaining as much of the 0-100% safety scoring that ISNetworld offers and passing PEC Premier standards by ensuring that:


– Safety manuals are written to meet OSHA specifications


– Creating safety programs or ensuring that existing programs meet OSHA requirements


  1. Creating/uploading OSHA 300/300A Logs and Employee Modification Rates,
  2. Talking with your insurance broker for required Certificates of Insurance


Additionally, SRP Environmental offers company specific training programs tailored to a wide variety of industries. These programs help significantly in organizing and preparing businesses for ISNetworld’s and PEC Premier’s questionnaires.