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Industrial Hygiene Services

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Exposure Monitoring & Assessments Surveys
In an effort to limit employee exposure to harmful contaminants, SRP evaluates and determines if exposure monitoring is necessary and what type of sampling is required to meet OSHA standards.

SRP measures exposure to contaminants including

  • – asbestos,
  • – silica,
  • – hydrogen sulfide,
  • – carbon monoxide,
  • – fumes,
  • – organic vapors,
  • – chemicals,
  • – gases,
  • – respirable dust,
  • – and particulates.

Noise Exposure Monitoring and Community Noise Surveys
Occupational Noise  can affect the human body and can harm workers when they occur at high levels. SRP Industrial Hygienists measure and document noise exposures and provide recommendations to bring your company into compliance.  Should the  noise exposures exceed the OSHA Permissible Noise Levels, SRP can assist with the development and implementation of a Hearing Conservation Program, including noise control and abatement.

Indoor Environmental & Air Quality and LEED Sampling
The quality of air inside offices, schools, and other workplaces is important not only for workers’ comfort but also for their health.  SRP Environmental inspects the building or facility for potential areas of hazard and our expert Industrial Hygiene team can perform the components of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “Testing for Indoor Air Quality 01 81 09.”

Chinese Drywall Sampling
During early 2000s, drywall manufactured in China was found to be defective due to potential off-gassing of volatile chemicals and sulfurous gases. SRP is able to inspect the property and suspect materials for contaminants.

Asbestos Services
If you plan on performing the demolition, renovation or maintenance of an older building, make sure an asbestos survey has been conducted.

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