Expect Changes to Lockout Tagout Regs

Every year OSHA releases the Top 10 Most Cited Standards and lockout/tagout is frequently cited during inspections.   According to OSHA, Lockout/Tagout is the fifth most cited OSHA Violation.  More than 3,400 violations were found last year.  An estimated 10% of serious accidents are caused by failure to control hazardous energy.

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Because of this and that fact the standard is outdated, OSHA plans to issue a Request for Information in 2018.  This is the first step in making changes to standards and would allow OSHA to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of new technology and new potential hazards.  The LOTO standard was adopted in 1989 and since then advances in technology have led to computer-based controls of hazardous energy, which conflicts with the old standard.  The American National Standards Institute has already updated their lockout tagout standards in hopes to coincide with changes in technology.   Hopefully, OSHA will see the same need to update their standard.

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