EPA Increases Violation Fines: Makes Non-Compliance Riskier

EPA Increases Violation Fines: Makes Non-Compliance Riskier

The Environmental Protection Agency has received the ability to increase their violation fines in accordance with the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015.

Below is a quick reference guide to the fines you could be faced with for not being in environmental compliance.

Type of Violation  Current Civil Penalty New Civil Penalty
Emergency Planning & Community Right To Know Act $25,000 per day in violation $53,907 per day in violation
Clean Air Act $25,000 per violation $44,539 per violation
Clean Water Act $25,000 per violation $44,539 per violation
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act  $25,000 per violation  $56,467 – $70,117 per violation

Air, water, and hazardous waste violations receiving maximum penalties also got an increase by 78%.

Smoke Stack Air Pollution

  • Make sure state and local emergency responders have an inventoried list of hazardous chemicals in your facility, as well as the Safety Data Sheets. (EPCRA)
  • Immediately report all accidental releases of hazardous substances to the National Response Center, as well as state and local agencies. (CERCLA, EPCRA)
  • Submit Your Toxic Release Inventory report each year by July 1. (EPCRA)
  • Make Sure You Have an Updated Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan.
  • Obtain proper air pollution permits. (Clean Air Act, NPDES)
  • Obtain wastewater discharge permits prior to releasing into navigable waterways. (Clean Water Act)
  • Monitor Emissions Limits

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In July of 2016, SRP released information regarding OSHA penalty increases due to the Inflation Adjustment Act.  Safety compliance is also something to pay attention to in your facility.

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