More Types of Facilities Are Easy Targets for Stormwater Regulators

Regulators are focusing more on stormwater violations.   States are requiring more types of industries to provide stormwater pollution prevention programs.  All it takes to receive a violation is associating polluted waters to a site’s runoff.  One common, and forgotten, contaminant is metals.  Heavy metals often runoff from metal roofs, fabricated metals stored outdoors, and automobile parts.  Regulators are focusing more on stormwater pollution prevention programs over who the offending vehicles belong to.  How detailed is your stormwater program?

Here are a few ways to help prevent heavy metals from entering your stormwater:

  • Install catch basins with filters.  Not having a filter insert allows the discharge of metals like copper or mercury, even with a catch basin.
  • Make sure to install stormwater basins or bins around downspouts.  Keeping stormwater on site during a heavy storm is better than allowing runoff.
  • Opt for a concrete surface in parking lots to manage runoff releases.

Here’s an interesting fact: Companies often utilize hay bales to reduce metals and sediment in their discharge.  This increases the holding time for metals and solids to settle out.

Make sure your stormwater pollution prevention program is complete and reflects any updates to your facility and stormwater regulations.  All employees should understand the importance in preventing pollution to stormwater and follow procedures outlined in the program.  It’s not worth it to receive a violation from the EPA.