Control Lead Exposure. Keep Workers Safe & Avoid Costly Fines

In case you missed it…National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (NLPPW) started October 22, 2017.  NLPPW aims to educate communities, families, organizations and government entities about the risks associated with lead poisoning among children and adults.

OSHA estimates that approximately 804,000 workers in general industry and an additional 838,000 workers in construction are potentially exposed to lead. Workers are commonly exposed to lead as a result of the production, use, maintenance, recycling, and disposal of lead material and products.

Of course respiratory protection should always be used, but  personal protective equipment may not be enough.   Because lead exposure is dangerous, employers must implement engineering and administrative controls to minimize employee exposure to the greatest extent possible. Engineering controls can include substituting the use of lead with a less hazardous material, isolating exposure areas, or using ventilation systems.   Administrative controls include polices and procedures, general housekeeping, personal hygiene guidelines, and lead awareness training.

If you suspect the presence of lead based paint or lead dust, DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself.  Always contact a professional to inspect materials that may contain lead.  Also, call a certified lead abatement contractor to remove the materials.

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