Asbestos Exposure Danger Sign in compliance with asbestos maintenance plan">

Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Plan: Do You Have One?

Asbestos Exposure Danger Sign in compliance with asbestos maintenance plan


How many times have you seen commercials talking about mesothelioma?  Have you ever wondered if you are working near asbestos?

Buildings that were built in, or before, the early 1980s should have a site specific Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan, or commonly referred to as an Asbestos Management Plan.  An O&M plan is designed to educate workers and maintenance personnel on what building materials are considered asbestos-containing materials (ACM). Also, it outlines proper precautions before performing any maintenance or removal of materials.   An O&M plan notes whether or not the materials are friable or non-friable, and the priority of removing the asbestos-containing materials.

When did you last update your management plan?

As facilities hire professionals to inspect and/or abate asbestos, they should update their management plan to reflect the removal of the materials.  This allows any change of management or new personnel to have access to correct information.  It is important to note that schools must comply with Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) standards and perform an original asbestos inspection every three years , in addition to updating the management plan.

Helpful Tips

  • Even though most industrial and commercial facilities do not have to comply with AHERA, it is best to follow their standards.
  • Locate and review your O&M plan.
  • Locate and mark all identified ACM.
  • Train employees on asbestos awareness.  Train custodial and maintenance staff on the proper steps in the event they were to disturb any ACM.
  • Regularly monitor the condition of the ACM.
  • Implement worker protection programs like medical and respiratory programs if needed.
  • Learn both federal and state regulations.

It is the responsibility of you as an employer to provide a safe work environment, which includes employee protection from asbestos.  If you have questions about your operations and maintenance plan, call SRP today! Call us at (866) 222-4972 and one of our consultants will be glad to speak with you.

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