Are Your Workers Engaged in Safety?

A successful safety program starts and ends with engaged workers.  The goal of a safety program is to protect workers from potential hazards.   A successful safety program will also have the support of upper management who actively abide by the policies in place and set a good example for workers. The program must be implemented and utilized by upper management, then supervisors, and then workers.

How can you tell if you have a successful safety program?

  1. Worker Following Safety ProgramWorkers participate in discussions. Engaged employees will openly share their views on safety and how it relates to their job duties.   They are the ones on the front line day in and day out, so they are a great resource to see how effective your companies’ safety program is.
  2. Workers anticipate hazards. Engaged employees carefully plan on how to complete their job duties.  Constant scanning for hazards and anticipating what could go wrong are good indicators that workers are implementing the safety program.
  3. Workers keep their colleagues safe. Engaged employees keep an eye on their co-workers.  They understand what supervisors are looking for during observations, and ensure consistent safe behavior is being followed.
  4. Workers report near-misses. Engaged employees are not afraid to report near-misses.  They see these events as learning opportunities, and ensure that the near-miss that could have resulted in an injury does not happen again.  

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