Safety Training – Specified Programs

Safety Consulting Services

About Safety Training – Specified Programs

SRP Environmental will create a safety programs for any specific job or task required. Many companies have “grey” areas in terms of health and safety training requirements for specific jobs. We will develop a program and training for these “grey” areas to make these jobs as safe as possible and to ensure that training is completed correctly with appropriate documentation.

Listed below is a sample of programs we create, customize and utilize to train employees.

  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Company Specific Training
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Customized Training Program Development and Curriculum Design
  • Online Safety Training
  • OSHA Certified Training 10 and 30 Hour, General Industry and Construction (card Issue)
  • OSHA Safety Survey
  • Professional Safety Training
  • IADC Rig Pass (Card Issue)
  • Risk/Loss Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Site Safety Inspections
  • Inspect your company’s policy on safety and advise where problems may occur.
  • Work with you to institute programs where needed and write policy if none exists.
  • Develop a company Employee Safety Handbook for your company.
  • Conduct Safety Meetings & Tool Box Meetings
  • Work with your existing Human Resource personnel on employee safety file maintenance
  • Conduct an employee Safety Audit to indicate your employees view on the safety of your company.
  • Consult your supervisors on your safety program, using their input in its development.
  • Develop and maintain your employee safety records and files
  • Develop a new hire safety program for your company
  • Conduct Job Specific Training
  • Conduct Job Site Inspections to limit exposure to accidents and OSHA fines
  • Perform an Annual Review of your 300 and 301 reports and adjust your safety program as needed.