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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hospitals are the most hazardous places to work in America. A Safety and Health Management System can help bring a culture of safety into your medical facility. Hospitals are integrating their patient safety and worker safety programs into a single health system management that allows a more streamlined approach to making a safer workplace for everyone involved. SRP Environmental can help clients develop a Safety and Health Management Plan as well as implementation of strategies to improve worker and employee safety. A fully functional Safety and Health Management Plan helps hospitals realize the following benefits:


  • Fewer injuries, illnesses and infections;
  • Reduced costs for workers’ compensation claims and lower health insurance premiums;
  • Less absenteeism and higher return-to-work rates following injury or illness;
  • Improved work practices, leading to increased efficiency and greater patient safety and satisfaction;
  • Higher job satisfaction, morale and employee retention;
  • Enhanced reputation.

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Safety Management Plan
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