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About Risk Assessment

SRP Environmental LLC’s Catastrophe Response Team is trained to assess risk for facilities affected by disasters. Regardless of the nature of the loss, SRP’s hazardous materials technicians, industrial hygienists, geologists, engineers and environmental scientists can assess damage, potential environmental/physical liability, and health risks prior to restoration activities.

SRP Environmental LLC’s engineers, geologists and environmental scientists conduct an overall analysis of the property and structures to identify areas of potential structural and/or environmental concern. Should this assessment identify areas of concern, plans of action will be developed to mitigate risk and liability by reducing the overall impact of each hazard and quickly remediating affected areas.

SRP’s hazardous materials team (HAZMAT) is equipped to identify potential chemical and biological hazards which could pose significant risk to the facility and its personnel. An assessment is conducted which inventories all hazardous materials and their current state (container failure, leaching, venting, etc.), and a plan is immediately developed to mitigate the risks of each material. If spills and/or releases of hazardous materials are detected or observed, SRP Environmental LLC’s HAZMAT team can isolate the area, initiate protective actions (evacuation, notification, etc.), confine and contain the spill.

SRP’s industrial hygienists work closely with the HAZMAT response team and also provide necessary information in regards to potential airborne contaminants, hazardous building components, and biological/fungal contamination. During the risk assessment, SRP collects samples of building materials for lead and asbestos analysis, assesses fungal/bacterial contamination (visual and sample collection) and assesses the indoor air quality through direct-reading instruments (Gasmet, PID, FID, Miran, etc.) to determine if conditions are acceptable for re-occupation and/or restoration activities.

SRP Environmental LLC’s risk assessment services provide the facility, insurance provider and restoration contractor with an accurate assessment of risk and liability concerns specific to each affected property following a catastrophe. SRP’s Catastrophe Response Team is on-call 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to any disaster and associated loss.

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Risk Assessment
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