Medical Gas Testing

About Medical Gas Testing

The Joint Commission requires the following for accredited hospitals (EC 02.05.09): The hospital inspects, tests, and maintains critical components of the piped medical gas systems, including master and area alarms, automatic pressure switches, shutoff valves, flexible connectors, and outlets in time frames defined by the hospital.  It has been generally accepted that periodic inspections should be conducted at least every (3) years.  SRP Environmental’s Medical Division can perform the following medical gas testing to insure compliance with these requirements:


  • NFPA Initial Blow Down
  • NFPA Initial Pressure Test
  • NFPA Cross Connection Test
  • NFPA Piping Purge Test
  • NFPA Standing Pressure Test
  • NFPA Standing Vacuum Test

NFPA 99c-Levels I,I,III