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About Ergonomics

The goal of ergonomics is to support people in what they do for work so that they are safe, comfortable and productive. The primary focus is on people and the tools and technology they use. Evidence supports investing in workplace ergonomics to realize improved performance, improved worker satisfaction, positive affect on recruiting and retention and improved quality of patient care. Healthcare presents greater ergonomic challenges and opportunities than any other industry. Healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure to work more efficiently with fewer resources. This stressful situation can be made worse by physical discomforts in the workplace. The untapped potential for ergonomics in healthcare is addressing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) that affect activities beyond patient transport.


Why is Ergonomics Important?

  • Ergonomics focuses on people – the single largest and most valuable asset of any organization.
  • Good ergonomics yields improved performance and productivity.
  • Good ergonomic programs include training and change management
  • Good ergonomics programs always yield more benefits and save more money than they cost.


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