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About Asbestos Services

Asbestos Inspections

The SRP Environmental Asbestos Division has over 50 years of experience.  All Asbestos inspections are conducted by experienced licensed asbestos inspectors following NESHAPS and/or AHERA requirements.  Sample analysis is performed by an NVLAP-accredited laboratory.

Asbestos Project Design

Asbestos Project Design is required for AHERA and ASHARA asbestos abatement projects.  The SRP Environmental Asbestos Project Design team will incorporate the locations and quantities of asbestos materials documented in the Asbestos Inspection into an asbestos work plan to meet EPA and State Regulatory requirements.

 Asbestos Project Management/Air Monitoring

The SRP Environmental Asbestos Division can provide licensed Asbestos Contractor/Supervisors to manage your asbestos abatement project.  All of our Project Managers have completed the NIOSH 582E asbestos analysis course and have extensive experience in all types of asbestos abatement methods.

Asbestos Management Plans

Asbestos Management Plans are required under AHERA or ASHARA for educational facilities and state-owned facilities. SRP Environmental’s accredited Asbestos Management Planners can incorporate the facility’s asbestos inspection into the required format.  We can also develop an Asbestos Management Plan for non-educational facilities to help you manage your asbestos containing materials.

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Asbestos Services
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