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With state-of-the-art equipment and expertly trained Industrial Hygienists, we provide comprehensive acoustic testing assessments to determine various acoustical ratings of walls and floor-ceiling assemblies.  Planning efforts and verification procedures are part of any successful noise mitigation process. Depending on the amplitude and frequency of the noise source, different materials and mitigation approaches may be necessary. Whether evaluating available mitigation options or verifying the noise reduction of a control, SRP is available to assist.  

Apparent Transmission Loss (ATL) Testing

Apparent Transmission Loss (ATL) testing primarily assesses the sound insulation properties of building elements such as walls, floors, and windows. It measures their effectiveness in reducing sound transmission from one space to another.

ASTL testing measures the difference in sound pressure levels between a source room and a receiving room across a range of frequencies. This difference in sound pressure levels indicates the extent to which the building element attenuates sound transmission.

For example, it’s like testing how well a wall keeps loud music from disturbing neighbors.

Noise Isolation Class (NIC) Testing

Noise Isolation Class (NIC) testing evaluates a room’s overall sound isolation performance, focusing on the transmission loss of individual building elements in addition to other factors such as background noise levels and room geometry. The testing methodologies utilized follow the test standards outlined in ASTM E336.

NIC testing involves measuring the sound levels in both the source room and the receiving room, as well as the background noise levels in the receiving room. These measurements are used to calculate the Noise Isolation Class (NIC), which quantifies the overall sound isolation performance of the room.

For example, it’s like grading a room on how well it keeps street noises from being heard inside.

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Our services cover a range of sectors, from residential developments and commercial properties to industrial facilities and entertainment venues. Call us at (866) 222-4972 or send us a message to talk to an industrial hygienist near you.

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Acoustic Testing Services
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