Combustion By-Product & Smoke Sampling

Smoke Damage SamplingSRP Industrial Hygienists provide combustion by-product and smoke sampling following a fire.  Smoke sampling determines which materials and contents were affected by smoke damage.

Types of Samples Include:

  • Char
  • Soot or Black Carbon
  • Ash
  • Indoor Air Quality

SRP obtains surface (wipe) samples and air samples which are analyzed by a third-party microbiological laboratory.  Third-party, verified and accredited analytical data is the only way to determine if elevated concentrations of combustion by-products are present following a loss or potential loss.  Field collection of sample is necessary in order to determine the nature of the loss, and the level of contamination.

SRP Industrial Hygienists will also work with the fire damage restoration contractors to ensure all affected materials are properly removed, sanitized and dry.