Moisture Mapping, Thermography & Environmental Monitoring

SRP Environmental, LLC offers third-party moisture mapping and infrared thermography of environmental controls for the restoration industry which provide verification that mitigation techniques are successful. Due to the immediate necessity of these services following a water intrusion event, SRP’s Catastrophe Response Team is on-call at all times to provide assistance at the onset of a flood.

cov_downtown_090905For each loss, SRP Environmental LLC provides adequate numbers of industrial hygienists and field technicians trained to collect moisture-retention data through invasive, non-invasive and thermographic techniques. We provide the client with the accurate data necessary to dry building materials in a Category 1 water release.  Likewise, we can monitor and record temperature, relative humidity, etc. while a building is placed under proper environmental controls prior to demolition/abatement in the event of a Category 2 or Category 3 water release.

Following a Category 1 water release, SRP responds with state of the art equipment used to provide third-party, scientific verification of each drying chamber.  Real-time data-logging temperature and relative humidity meters provide instantaneous and historical data which is cataloged and presented to the restoration contactor to verify the effectiveness of drying techniques .  In addition, moisture readings are collected at frequent intervals to map and gauge the drying process.

During a Category 2 or Category 3 water release,  SRP provides accurate data and diagrams to the contractor depicting affected building materials.  Coupled with asbestos and lead surveys, this data can be combined into a written Protocol or Scope of Work.  During mitigation and restoration activities, SRP Environmental LLC provides on-site scope interpretation and issues addendums as necessary to expedite the recovery.  At the completion of each project, SRP provides the client with scientific verification that mitigation and restoration activities were successful.