Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Our knowledgeable and experienced Environmental Consultants provide our clients with site specific and cost effective solutions to allow for business growth while meeting and exceeding environmental hygiene service standards as they relate to minimizing industrial impacts to air, water, land, and waste.

SRP’s Environmental Consulting staff provides oversight, detailed plan preparation, annual reporting, and permit application preparation for several environmental areas:

  • Air Quality Emission Determinations and Air Permit Applications
  • Asbestos and Lead Based Paint
  • Civil Engineering & Environmental Engineering Services
  • Environmental Annual Reports
  • Environmental Compliance with Audits and Inspections
  • EPA Method 9 – Visual Opacity Monitoring
  • Hazardous Waste Compliance
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Risk Evaluations
  • Soil and Groundwater Assessment
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Storm Water Plans and Permits
  • Spill Prevention, Controls, and Countermeasures Compliance
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Spill Response
  • Wetlands

SRP Environmental, LLC provides a full range of environmental consulting and environmental hygiene services to assist your company with state and federal requirements for your facility. Our knowledgeable staff will develop a plan of action to comply with local, state, and federal regulations for environmental areas specific to your company’s operations and associated waste streams.


  • SRP Environmental provides a full range of environmental consulting and environmental services to assist your company with state and federal air permitting requirements for your facility. From emissions reporting to permit applications and submittals, SRP Environmental can help your company achieve regulatory compliance for air quality compliance.
  • SRP Environmental can provide experienced, certified, management plan developers, abatement project designers, asbestos material inspectors, and air monitors.
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering Services SRP has licensed professional engineers on staff that offer over 20 years of both civil and environmental engineering experience.  SRP provides an array of civil engineering services on a regional basis to include governmental developments, utility designs, as well as residential and commercial projects. SRP specializes in the following areas: Field Inspections […]
  • At SRP Environmental, LLC we specialize in preparing environmental reports which are due on an annual basis. The Toxic Release Inventory Form R and SARA Section 313 Right-To-Know Act Tier II reports are due annually on July 1 and March 1, respectively. Let our Environmental Services team assist you with your annual reporting needs.
  • SRP's Environmental Service offers environmental audits and inspections to clients across several industries and states. Many companies struggle with managing growth and success versus the environmental impacts of growth. At SRP Environmental, we are trained in all environmental service areas and offer a comprehensive analysis and review of existing environmental permits, plans, and work practices with their impacts on air quality, water quality, and other environmental waste streams.
  • SRP Environmental provides a host of hazardous and solid waste permitting and management services to our clients. SRP's environmental consulting service ensures that clients are in compliance with the federal and state regulatory requirements regarding all aspects of hazardous and solid waste management activities. We specialize in compliance auditing, identifying and evaluating waste minimization options, and developing emergency response and spill response protocols.
  • Environmental Site Assessments are often conducted on behalf of banks, real estate companies, finance companies, insurance companies, and public institutions and agencies. Obviously, institutions with financial responsibility, such as banks, lenders, financiers, etc. want to ensure they do not buy a property that could become listed on a state superfund list, or simply require costly remediation in the future. Landowners such as private companies and public institutions want to ensure that any property they acquire is either free of contamination or that the cost to remediate the contamination can be factored into the selling price.
  • Risk evaluations are utilized to identify the portion of the affected area that could result in contaminant concentrations that would be harmful to human health or the environment. Our environmental services staff has completed numerous risk evaluations in Louisiana (RECAP) and Texas (TRRP).
  • The scientists of SRP Environmental are experienced in the design and implementation of various technologies utilized in the remediation of affected soil and groundwater. From single and dual phase extraction to chemical injection and excavation; the environmental services staff of SRP Environmental has successfully completed numerous projects in Louisiana and Texas.
  • At SRP Environmental, LLC, we strive to provide environmental services to our clients with the most cost effective methods available for the assessment of affected soil and groundwater. We are able to provide such cost effective solutions because we have the equipment necessary to complete the job from start to finish.
  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Compliance The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all owners and operators of facilities that have above ground bulk storage tanks of oil of more than 1,320 gallons in one area or operate underground bulk storage tanks of 42,000 gallons or greater of oil be subject to the Oil Pollution Program under […]
  • As a 24-hour on call Licensed Hazardous Materials Contractor, SRP Environmental's Spill Response Team can respond to and mitigate Non-Hazardous emergencies. Our goal is to provide a fast response with the equipment necessary to complete the project. We also provide environmental consulting and environmental services to assist with spill prevention and remediation.
  • SRP's environmental consultants provide permit preparation for Storm Water Discharge Permits regulated under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for various types of projects or facilities needing permits for construction storm water, general multi-sector industrial storm water, industrial waste water or miscellaneous industrial waste water (i.e. discharges associated with car or truck wash operations).
  • SRP Environmental specializes in Stormwater Discharge Permit services to small businesses and multi-state corporations with timely, cost-effective solutions for stormwater and wastewater discharge permit compliance, pollution prevention plans, facility inspections and employee training.
  • SRP Environmental can develop a database to manage your facility's chemical inventory and MSDS information for each reportable chemical. SRP then generates and files the necessary paperwork or electronic files, such as Tier II reports, according to state filing requirements.
  • Throughout the United States, wetland delineations are often required for construction projects and projects that impact undisturbed land. Obtaining a timely and accurate delineation of wetlands is a critical component to any development plan. SRP's environmental service team of Wetland Scientists is approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers and has the experience and resources to make your company's project a success.