Michael Torregrossa

Michael Torregrossa has a long history of working in environmental and industrial hygiene consulting and is widely known for his leadership throughout the organization and industry.  As Chief Operating Officer, he will be responsible for managing cross-functional, company-wide operations and ensuring that all departments are aligned with the company’s strategic goals and objectives.
Mr. Torregrossa began his industrial hygiene career with SRP Environmental in 2014 as an Environmental Technician, and has since advanced to serve in leadership roles such as Project Manager, Director of South Louisiana Operations, and SRP’s Director of Operations.  With his background in toxicology and industrial hygiene, he has become an integral part of the National Disaster Response team and operational team. Over the course of his tenure at SRP, he has gained expertise in environmental concerns, as well as industrial hygiene practices with emphasis on fungal and bacteria assessments, lead and asbestos assessments, and employee exposures.