Logan Sampson

Logan Sampson joined SRP in 2016 after attending Baylor University, where he majored in Entrepreneurship with a focus on Accounting and Finance. After joining SRP as a project manager in the Dallas, Texas area, he opened our California location. After getting the California branch up and running, he returned to the Dallas, Texas area to become the Director of North Texas operations. After managing the North Texas Operations for 3 years, he was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of SRP.

Logan brings financial expertise to the leadership team with a focus on strategic growth opportunities through investments. He is currently responsible for overhauling our accounting software and practices, overseeing the budget across all offices and departments, managing the cash flow, and meeting with the leadership teams to determine costs and feasibility of current and future projects. In addition, he works closely with the leadership team identifying new financial opportunities and investments to strategically grow the company nationally.