Microbial Assessment & Protocol Development

Catastrophe Response and Restoration Services

About Microbial Assessment & Protocol Development

SRP Environmental LLC’s Catastrophe Response Team is certified and licensed to collect fungal and bacterial samples, analyze the results, and develop a written protocol for abatement throughout the United States. SRP utilizes accredited third-party laboratories located around the country which offer expedited turn-around-times for the client. Whether the microbial assessment is part of a comprehensive fire or flood scope of work, or a simple post-remediation verification for a client, SRP Environmental LLC provides the fastest response, most experienced industrial hygienists and comprehensive final reporting of any Catastrophe Response Industrial Hygiene firm.

SRP Environmental LLC’s Catastrophe Response Team is trained to identify areas of possible microbial growth through visual inspection and laboratory verification. In addition, causation of the moisture intrusion and/or growth are investigated.

Our industrial hygienists are trained to collect a variety of samples including agar plate, spore-trap, swab, tape, etc., depending on the nature of the assessment and the overall loss. In addition, SRP utilizes state of the art collection methods which are minimally invasive and virtually eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination during clearance/post-remediation verification sampling events.

Whether microbial growth was disclosed during the bid-process of the project or discovered during remediation or demolition, SRP Environmental LLC can immediately respond, assess the unique conditions, and develop a written scope of work for the client in a time-efficient manner, thus reducing loss of business.

During scope development, SRP Environmental LLC works with the client, insurance company (if applicable), and restoration contractor to develop a workable set of protocols specific to each loss.

Clearance criteria are always disclosed to applicable parties and are dependent on the type and use of each individual structure. Furthermore, every effort is made to accommodate the individual contractor’s inventory of equipment and preferences (sterilizer types, containment design, environmental controls, negative pressure, etc.).

SRP Environmental LLC mobilizes to every major hurricane landfall and is on-call at all times for individual losses. Our Catastrophe Response Team recognizes the time-sensitive nature of large-losses and makes every effort to reduce loss of business while mitigating the risk of fungal and bacterial contamination and verifying that indoor air quality is acceptable.