Catastrophe Response and Restoration

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About Catastrophe Response and Restoration

SRP Environmental LLC specializes in risk evaluation and catastrophe response in hospitals and medical facilities. SRP’s Catastrophe Response Team is specifically trained to mitigate risk and reduce liability in healthcare facilities following a fire, wind or water loss. SRP’s industrial hygienists are experienced in the special needs of medical facilities including infection control, continuity of business and clean/sterile environments.

Following a large loss, SRP’s Catastrophe Response Team meets with hospital administration, infection control officers, and facility/engineering directors to identify if a hospital can remain operational during mitigation/restoration activities.

An initial fungal/bacterial assessment is completed to identify potential risks associated with each loss. Additionally, an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) is rapidly developed to protect patients and employees from the affected areas, and clean rooms (including IV rooms), surgical suites, and other sensitive areas area assessed and re-certified if depending on the nature of the loss.

Following the implementation of infection controls, SRP works with insurance representatives, critical facility personnel, and the selected restoration contractor to develop a written scope of work/protocols for restoration activities. This scope of work identifies critical barriers, containment design, remediation techniques for removal and cleaning of materials, and personal protective policies for restoration workers. In addition, this plan outlines specific scientific verification (sample collection, analysis and interpretation) of the restoration process in accordance with facility and regulatory standards.

Special care and additional safeguards and engineering controls will be implemented in patient care areas (specifically ICU, PACU, Pre-Op, Surgery, NICU, OB, Burn Units, ER, etc.) to protect potentially immune-compromised patients.

Healthcare facilities require specific industrial hygiene services and experience that SRP Environmental LLC’s Catastrophe Response Team employs. Our team understands the critical nature of medical services and makes every attempt to minimize business interruption. By retaining SRP’s services at the on-set of a loss, risk and liability are minimized and administrators and key personnel can return to their normal duties as our consultants and industrial hygienists carefully and quickly restore each affected area.