Asbestos Inspection, Project Design & Air Monitoring

Catastrophe Response and Restoration Services

About Asbestos Inspection, Project Design & Air Monitoring

SRP Environmental LLC’s Catastrophe Response Team offers Asbestos Inspection, Project Design & Air Monitoring Services throughout North America and the Pacific. In order to immediately serve the client and retain continuity of business, SRP’s industrial hygienists are available at all times to mobilize and provide asbestos consulting services. Our relationship with multiple laboratories throughout the country allows us to offer same-day turn-around-time for most asbestos surveys (depending on proximity to laboratory and number of samples).

SRP Environmental LLC designs specific asbestos inspection protocols for each client and structure ranging from one suspect and localized material to a comprehensive survey. Following each inspection, SRP accurately provides the client with a report including locations of ACM (scaled diagrams developed in AutoCAD® by our drafters), a quantified list of ACM, and pictures of each ACM and third-party analytical data.

SRP Environmental LLC designs asbestos abatement specifications for industry, government and military clients in a time efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition, SRP remains up to date with each project and can deliver addendums as necessary, serve as a liaison with regulatory inspectors and institutions, and supply abatement specification interpretation around the clock for clients.

SRP Environmental LLC supplies each client with a certified asbestos air monitoring technician to supervise the abatement contractor operations and verify that the air quality and clearance criteria have been met during and prior to project termination. Our Supervisors and technicians are NIOSH – 582 certified and are equipped to read samples on-site which allow them to clear containments more efficiently during time-sensitive restoration projects.