Residents at Towne Oaks South Upset About Mold In Apartments


“I’m disgusted. If I knew about the problem before I moved in, I wouldn’t have moved here,” said Cheyenne Bryant, a resident of Towne Oaks South in Shreveport.

Residents living at the Towne Oaks apartments in South Shreveport say flooding at their apartment caused a mold problem and management has not fixed it.

There are two ways they can test for mold. One way is by a slide which is a surface test that looks at the spots on the walls to see if it could be mold. Another is an air test which is what is used to see if there are mold spores in the air that could be making you sick.

“We’ve never been this sick,” said Bryant.

Cheyenne Bryant lives with her roommate and her two children in an apartment at Towne Oaks South. They moved here in February and soon after noticed mold in parts of the apartment.

“One is my daughter, she has an immune deficiency, and the second one is my 8-year-old foster child, and he is a child of the state, and my main concern is their health and how living in here is not safe and healthy,” said Bryant.

They say they have gone to Towne Oaks management several times but say little has been done to clean up the mold. Part of the bathroom wall that had a dark-colored mold has been replaced. But not other rooms.

“Just because you look at something and see it’s a certain color, doesn’t mean that it’s a certain type of mold. There’s all different colors and types,” said Bryant.

The issues prompted us to reach out to a mold expert.

“Just because you have mold growing on the surface doesn’t mean that that same mold is in the air,” said Robert Storment, a partner with SRP Environmental.

According to Robert Storment, all mold needs is a little bit of water to survive.

“Mold can start growing anywhere from 48-72 hours after the water,” said Storment.

There are three ways mold can affect people; through allergies, through weak immune systems, like older or cancer patients or the fungus can produce toxins which can cause health problems.

“We have different sensitivities to different kinds of mold,” said Storment.

There are thousands of kinds of mold.

Bryant just wants her home to be cleaned.

“Inspect the mold, and take care of it. Clean it all out before it gets worse,” said Bryant.

We reached out to Towne Oaks South to see their mold policy and to get their response to this situation. They referred us to their management company. We put in several calls, but we are still waiting to hear back.

This Story originally posted by KSLA.

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