SRP Environmental has extensive experience with Industrial Hygiene (IH) Services including Mold Removal and Environmental Compliance. We specialize in Environmental Site Assessments, Water Damage Clean Up, and can also assist with ISNetworld Compliance, and offer a wide range of Safety Training, including SafeLand/RigPass.

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Areas of service:

Long Beach, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Torrance.

  • Construction
    SRP provides turnkey environmental, health and safety solutions to companies of all sizes within the construction industry. From specialty trade contractors to large scale general contractors, SRP ensures that you and your company are in compliance with environmental and safety regulations to prevent any disruption in operations. Read More
  • Oil & Gas
    As an industry leader in the Environmental, Health and Safety field, SRP provides customized solutions to ensure compliance with all of your environmental, health and safety requirements. Read More
  • Manufacturing
    SRP Environmental can provide comprehensive environmental compliance solutions for all of your manufacturing operations. Additionally, we can partner with your staff to create safe work environments. Read More
  • Agriculture
    As the Agricultural Industry strives to meet the demands of an expanding population, it also faces numerous regulatory challenges which SRP Environmental can help simplify. Read More
  • Health Care
    SRP's Catastrophe Response Team is specifically trained to mitigate risk and reduce liability in healthcare facilities following a fire, wind or water loss. SRP's industrial hygienists are experienced in the special needs of medical facilities including infection control, continuity of business and clean/sterile environments. Read More
  • Insurance & Loss
    Accidents and emergencies are never scheduled but have a far-reaching catastrophic impact. SRP's National Catastrophe Response Team responds around the clock to assist with all aspects of loss. Read More