Respiratory Protection / Fit Testing / Fall Protection / Incident Investigation / SPCC Awareness / Waynesburg, PA

Respiratory Protection This course is based on the OSHA regulations as outlined in 29 CFR, Part 1910.134. Anyone who wears a respirator including disposable paper masks must be trained prior
to wearing the respirator. The course helps to satisfy this requirement and will provide
information to help you select the correct equipment, understand how to protect
yourself, clean and maintain your equipment and other requirements OSHA places on
those who wear respirators. Respirators utilized by the client will be discussed and
students will demonstrate proficiency in the proper use of the respirators. This program
is delivered in one- two hour session.

Fall Prevention/Protection This course covers the aspects of the OSHA Walking/Working surface standard as well as the OSHA Fall Protection standard. Types of Fall Protection utilized at the facility will be discussed and demonstrated. Classroom participation for each student will also be included. The types of Walking/Working surfaces at the facility will be evaluated with the individual hazards of each surface discussed. This program is delivered onetwo
hour session.

Incident Investigation
Anytime there is an incident that results in the harm or injury of someone, there must
be an investigation into that incident to discover how it occurred and how it could have
been prevented. This training keeps you and others safe and teaches recognition and
awareness of your surroundings.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)
SRP Environmental’s SPCC training is developed using a facility-specific SPCC plan.
The training program is based on the type of material being stored on site, facility
contingency plans, and employee involvement in spill response. Topics will include the
best approach to emergency responses, notification procedures, and an overview of
incident command. This program is delivered in one- two hour session.