PPE / Hearing Conservation / Hand Safety / Back safety / Heat Stress / Sealed Source Awareness 330 Aero Drive Shreveport, Louisiana

Hearing Conservation Program: All employees working in high noise areas must receive training annually, per the OSHA Noise Standard. This training session includes an overview of noise and its measurement, health hazards of noise, permissible noise levels, monitoring, audiometric testing program, hearing protection, record keeping, and sources of noise. The noise surveys and levels for the client’s facility will be discussed. Students will demonstrate proficiency in using the hearing protection provided by the employer. This program is delivered in one- two hour session.

Heat Stress: This course will cover the various types of Heat-related syndromes-Heat rash, exhaustion and stroke. The course will also cover methods to prevent Heat Stress and basic medical treatment of employees experiencing Heat-related illnesses. This program is delivered in one- two hour session.

Hand Safety: Your hands are important and the loss of even part of your hand can change how you live and function. Learn about personal protective equipment and safety precautions that assist you in keeping your hands and arms from being injured by sharp objects, chemicals, abrasions, punctures, and extreme temperatures.

Back Safety: Back injuries are exceedingly painful. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million workers suffer back injuries each year. Learn how to protect yourself and your employees by proper lifting and personal protective equipment.