Hazard Communication (Globally Harmonized System) Hazwoper Personal Protective Equipment Back Safety Waste Management Hobbs, NM

Hazardous substances in the workplace, in some forms and concentrations, pose potential health hazards to employees who are exposed to these substances. Departments and employees have a right and a need to know the properties and potential hazards of substances to which they may be exposed. Such knowledge is essential in reducing the incidence of occupational disease. By attending this training, SRP can assist departments in complying with your company Hazard Communication Program requirements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has regulations regarding the health and safety training of employees that employers must comply with. HAZCOM is the employee’s Right-to-Know about any hazardous substance located where they work, the possibility of coming into contact with that substance, the properties of the substance, what harm the substance may cause, and how to maintain safety around that substance. Learn how each business must have on hand an MSDS, how to read labels and warnings, and what to do if you are injured because of a hazardous substance. These requirements include labeling, Material Safety Data sheets, employee information and training, and record keeping. Instruction is provided on the following:


  • Identification of Chemicals
  • Definitions
  • Chemical Inventory
  • MSDS Requirements
  • Housekeeping & Storage
  • Labels and Warnings
  • Employee Information
  • Training Requirements
  • Written Programs
  • PPE