H2S Awareness / Emergency Response / Forklift Training Classroom Only / Behavior Based Safety / First Aid / CPR / AED/ Rifle Colorado

Emergency Procedure and Preparedness: Because accidents are never scheduled, being prepared and ready to respond with a plan from proper training and with the correct equipment can mean the difference between protecting and saving lives.

Forklift Safety: This course provides participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of an Industrial Powered Fork Truck, to help companies comply with OSHA regulations. Forklift certification will teach participants / employees how to identify specific health and safety hazards associated with operating a powered industrial lift truck. The Powered Industrial Trucks used by the client will be used for the training. This program is delivered in one- four hour session.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S): Hydrogen Sulfide leaks from the ground due to decaying organic matter and can be deadly. Know the signs and symptoms of H2S to protect yourself and others as well as learning precautions when the possibility of working around H2S happens.

Behavior Based Safety: “Behavior influences attitude, and attitude influences behavior.” BBS training focuses on creating a safe and productive environment by applying better decision making practices and increased awareness for real world situations to decrease accidents and prevent injuries